Muay Thai Facts

Muay Thai is one sport that is practiced all throughout Thailand. It has formed their culture and also their way of living. There are many fighters who started to train when they are young even at the elementary level. They have made every effort so they could survive the hardship and become good fighters. The fighters had learned also the sport so they could have a living. It is not easy to live a good life without a job and so they learn the sport and make a living.

The sad part of it is that when fighters retire or have their career end, they return to poverty. Many veteran fighters cannot find a job when they retire because they do not have any education. The wages they earn in the sport is meager and so they have to continually work so they can earn and not end up in poverty. But as camps have started to be established in the country, they have an alternative job and they can serve as trainers and they can leave simply.

The sport is also influenced greatly by gambling so it can be dangerous as others could even result in poisoning so their bet will surely win. What you can admire with the fighters is the respect and friendship they develop with each other. Even if they are enemy when they are in the ring but they work together and even live together outside the ring. They even show respect to their seniors and the coaches of there opponents. Much could be learned from this sport and the people who play them.